Fishery firm Variant

Fishery Joint-Stock Company «Variant» was found in 1991. It is the parent company of the Variant Group.

The company has been engaged in the fishery business since 1992 with strictly following rules of Russian and International Fishing rules.

The company has quotas for harvesting of the following bioresources in the Northern Basin: demersal fish species (cod, haddock) and littoral crabs. The company also harvests other types of marine bioresources: halibut, pollock, catfish (spotted, blue, Atlantic), flounder, American plaice, torsk.

Except fishing company has operation in the following areas:

  • fish processing enterprises according to international quality rules;
  • storage and onshore processing of fish products in own and rented warehouses;
  • sale of products in the domestic and international markets;
  • participation in research activities in the Northern Basin.

The Variant Group is a vertically integrated production complex that covers the entire supply chain from the sea to the end consumer.

Markets for products of Fishery Firm “Variant” are Russia, EU countries and China.

In 2016, the Variant Group successfully passed a social audit under the SMETA system in the following areas: working conditions, production safety, health, environment, business ethics. The audit of the Variant Group demonstrated the company’s social responsibility and compliance with the international business standards.