About company

Company was found in 1991.
Fishery business leads since 1992
Fleet was started its work since 1992 with the acquisition of two trawlers STR-503 on shipyard in Volgograd.

Until 1999, the production workflow included:

  • fishing and production of chilled fish products in the Barents Sea;
  • delivery of chilled fish products to the onshore fish processing enterprises in the northern
    part of Norway (95% of the catch) and in the city of Murmansk, the Russian Federation (5%).

In 2000 were upgraded vessels MK-0182 “Variant” and MK-0183 “Distinkt”at Nerpa Ship Repair Yard,
Snezhnogorsk, Murmansk Region. A deck structure housing a state-of-the art advanced fish processing
and refrigerating factory and a canning shop was added to each vessel. The hold capacity was doubled.
After a major vessel upgrade production of fillets began onboard the vessels at sea.

In 2009 production of individually packaged fillets was started onboard the vessels MK-0182 “Variant” and MK-0183 “Distinkt”.

In 2016 our company was one of the first in Russia to be granted a Quality Seal for individually packaged fillets produced and refrigerated at sea onboard vessels.

Significantly modified manufacturing parameters of the courts:

  • Each vessel has deck structure with modern fish factory and canning shop.
  • The hold capacity was doubled.
  • Canning shop, fish processing and refrigerating factory.
  • Vessels are equipped with modern navigation, fish-finding and other equipment.

The Variant Group includes:

Fishery Firm «Variant» - fishing and fish processing company. Fishing all year round in the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea. Owner of vessels MK- 0182 “Variant”, MK- 0183 “Distinkt”, МК- 0331 “Onega", MK- 0185 "Nerey", MK- 0541 "Solombala”;

Company “Arctic Holod”, stores fish products on its own warehouse (2000 tons capacity) in Murmansk. Owns of vehicle fleet providing inter-regional transportation and delivery of the products to the end consumers;

Company “Bagazh” sells fish products to organizations.

The foundation of the company’s stability and competitiveness is the highly-qualified management and shipboard personnel the majority of whom have been employed by the Group’s companies for 10 years and more. Average number of employees of the Variant Group - 140.