Our fleet

The Variant Group’s fleet consists of 5 vessels:

  • two medium-sized fishing freezer trawlers with factories for advanced fish processing (to the fillet stage) -- МK-0182 “ Variant” IMO 9065247, МK-0183 “ Distinkt” IMO 9076636 – Project 503, Alpinist type;
  • small-sized fishing freezer vessel built in Norway designed both for longline fishing and bottom trawling -- MK-0331 “Onega” IMO 7825590;
  • two medium-sized fishing freezer trawlers: MK-0541 “Solombala” IMO 8725964, MK-0185 “Nerey” IMO 8138891 – Project 503, Alpinist type. These vessels are currently undergoing major refurbishment and upgrade, including upgrading the factories to advanced fish processing level (up to the individually packaged fillet stage), increasing the hold capacity etc.

The vessels operated by the Variant Group:

  • are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation, fish-finding and other equipment;
  • provide the appropriate level of navigation safety;
  • ensure high efficiency of fishing;
  • allow continuous monitoring of the fishing activities by the onshore services;
  • have a production quality assurance system that provides continuous, reliable supervision over the sanitary and hygienic status of the production facilities at sea and ensures the highest quality of the fish products;
  • meet all applicable environmental safety requirements.

The vessels are fishing all year round in the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea.