Until 1999 fishing and production was carried out on vessels M-0182 “Variant” and M-0183 “Distinct”. The production workflow included:

  • fishing and production of chilled fish products in the Barents Sea;
  • delivery of chilled fish products to the onshore fish processing enterprises in the northern part of Norway (95% of the catch) and in the city of Murmansk, the Russian Federation (5%).

In 2000 were upgraded vessels M-0182 “Variant” and M-0183 “Distinct” at Nerpa Ship Repair Yard, Snezhnogorsk, Murmansk Region. A deck structure housing a state-of-the art advanced fish processing and refrigerating factory and a canning shop was added to each vessel. All vessels were equipped with state-of-the-art navigation, fish-finding and other equipment. The hold capacity was doubled. After a major vessel upgrade production of fillets began onboard the vessels at sea. As a result, the economic efficiency was improved by more than eight times.

In 2009 production of fillets began onboard the vessels MK-0182 “Variant” and MK-0183 “Distinkt” at sea.

The production plan for 2017 includes:

  • fishing and processing of the catch onboard the vessels with the total volume of at least 6800 Mt;
  • production of high-quality fish products with the total volume of up to 4500 Mt;
  • sale of fish products in the domestic and international markets;