In 2016 company was one of the first in Russia to be granted a Quality Seal for individually packaged fillets produced and refrigerated at sea onboard these vessels. Сod fillet produced by Fishery Firm “Variant” successfully passed the inspection.

Based on the results of laboratory tests, the product was found to be safe and high-quality. The products received the highest score based on the test results. The fillet was recognized as a high-quality product of Russian origin. During the certification, compliance of the products with the Russian Quality System standards was successfully demonstrated.

The following advantages were noted:

  • microbiological parameters were normal;
  • no toxic elements were found;
  • actual net weight without icing was the same as declared;
  • juicy and tender consistency after boiling;
  • meat color – white with a pinkish tint;
  • odor (after defrosting) – characteristic of fresh fish, with no foreign odors;
  • taste and odor (after boiling) – characteristic of fish, with no off-flavors or foreign odors;
  • consistency (after boiling) – tender, juicy, characteristic of the fish species.

Each vessel of company has refrigerating factory and a canning shop. Products produced and refrigerated at sea onboard vessels.

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